About Murphy Petrol Group


Murphy Petrol Group encompasses the innovative brands, companies and products built by the visionary Christopher Mark Murphy (CM Murphy) whose legacy is carried on by the Murphy family.


The X Building

The X building will be the premier arts and culture centre in Australia. Combining the INXS museum, recording studio, fine dining, concert and event space, music master classes and a private airport lounge, this dual purpose-built building will organically become a national treasure. The X building will achieve international press in architecture, music, cultural, innovation and influencer digests. The public spaces, coupled with the exhibition will sustain the relevance to the community on a national and worldwide level for the long term.

Sugar Beach Ranch

Sugar Beach Ranch sits on 60 acres of unspoilt east coast beauty in South Ballina, Northern NSW, with endless deserted white sandy beaches, eagles soaring overhead, whales breaching on the doorstep and beautiful native coastal vegetation. 


Following Chris’s passing, the Murphy Family have decided to open the big white gates at Sugar Beach Ranch and share the beauty which Chris often referred to as ‘natures playground’. Chris and the family spent hours riding horses on the beach, raced pigeons, wrote books and built a thriving egg farm as they lived their Surfing Cowboys lifestyle. Sugar Beach Ranch is now available to hire for a getaway, writing retreat, riding experiences or whatever creative whim takes your fancy.

Rock Chic Eggs

CM Murphy had a passion for breeding birds since he was 10, then working on a dairy farm in his early teens. During his musical ride, the calling of agriculture kept coming back to CM Murphy and so he found a way to keep his hand in the agricultural side with

Rock Chic Eggs. Rock Chick Eggs grew happily to become a premium high priced in-demand product (sold out, every week)

Archerfield Farm

The Murphy Family are passionate about breeding the best and highest quality polo and performance horses and are proud of our heritage and performance record.


The Murphy Family have been polo players, breeders and horse enthusiasts for over 35 years.


With over 30 horses The Murphy family we are seriously dedicated to breeding, training and developing high quality performance horses for all disciplines - Polo, Racing, Breeding, Horsemanship.

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